Local Woman CrossFit Coaching After Robotic Hip Replacements With Dr. T. Jacob Seales

Over the past few years, Tara S., 53, had chronic back pain and mobility issues. Tara is retired Air Force and a current CrossFit coach. She needed a solution to be able to keep pursuing her passion.

Tara eventually discovered that the underlying issue was hip arthritis. This diagnosis, while daunting, only fueled her determination to find a solution that would allow her to reclaim her active lifestyle.

“I found myself not wanting to go places because the walking did hurt,” said Tara.

Tara sought care for her back pain with Orthopaedic Associates. After some initial treatments, she was referred to joint replacement expert Dr. T. Jacob Seales. She was diagnosed with a rare case of severe hip arthririts due to avascular necrosis.

Dr. Seales introduced her to the world of robotic hip replacements, a leading-edge approach that could give her new hips with minimal disruption and advanced precision. Under his care, Tara underwent two successful procedures.

On Dr. Seales, Tara said, “He’s fantastic.”

“One of the biggest things was with my first initial appointment with [Dr. Seales], and really every appointment, is I never felt rushed,” Tara added.

Drawing from her CrossFit training background, she embraced rehabilitation and physical therapy with discipline and commitment. After her first procedure in June, Tara was back in the gym by mid-July. In August, she had her second procedure and was working out again by mid-September. By January 2023, Tara says, she’d made a full recovery.

“I've done CrossFit for 10 – 11 years now, and so I kind of relate everything to what I can and can’t do, and I was at a point prior to where I really couldn't work out,” explained Tara. “And now I’m doing anything and everything I was doing before.”

Tara's path from chronic pain to a hip arthritis diagnosis, and from robotic hip replacements to CrossFit success, underscores the power of the right care from the right team.

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