Dr. T. Jacob Seales’ Hip Replacement Patient Back to Active Living After Disability

Even after going to a doctor in Pensacola for three years, Holly J., 44, of Miramar Beach couldn’t lead a normal life due to severe pain. She also wasn’t getting the help she needed.

Then she saw Dr. T. Jacob Seales in Destin, who diagnosed her right away and got her in surgery weeks later.

Holly had hip dysplasia, which had led to advanced arthritis in both hips. It had progressed to bone-on-bone degeneration, explaining why she hadn’t been able to move much at all over time.

“I couldn't socialize anymore because I couldn't go out to do anything, so it affected every relationship in my life,” said Holly. “My personality changed, and I didn't work for a year and a half.”

Dr. Seales scheduled Holly for surgery just weeks after their first meeting. The surgery itself was technologically advanced, as Dr. Seales utilized robotic-assisted joint replacement techniques to ensure precision and optimal outcomes.

Under Dr. Seales’ care, Holly received two new hips through the advanced robotic-assisted joint replacement procedure. This innovative approach not only reduced the invasiveness of the surgery but also facilitated a faster recovery. As the days turned into weeks post-surgery, Holly's determination and the guidance of her medical team propelled her forward.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. From a woman who was once confined to the walls of her house, Holly underwent a profound transformation.

“It was a miracle,” said Holly. “It sounds silly, but [Dr. Seales] literally gave me my life back.”

After robotic-assisted hip replacement, Holly went from not leaving her house to going back to work and doing whatever she wants, even paddleboarding. She also wants to play tennis.

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