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At Orthopaedic Associates, we take pride in helping our patients overcome an injury, relieve their pain, and return to an active, healthy lifestyle. Here, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences under our care and their recovery.

Read what our patients are saying about their experiences at Orthopaedic Associates.

Average Rating: 4.85
"One Friday afternoon in August 2015, I ended up in the Fort Walton Beach emergency room due to breaking my elbow and arm in two places. Lucky for me Dr. Mark Tenholder was on call and performed surgery on my arm the next morning. I feel very fortunate and forever grateful for the outstanding surgical technique performed by Dr. Tenholder. I strongly believe that his expertise ensured my arm would be as if I had never broke it." – Lisa B. 

Treated by: Mark J. Tenholder, M.D.

"Great job all the way around from the first front desk visit at Niceville and Destin until the completion of my PT.  Everyone was helpful and showed concern.  Dr Thackeray did a great job as the shoulder has healed up nicely.  Thanks to all!" -- Robert A. 

Treated by: Jason W. Thackeray, M.D., F.A.C.S.

"Dr. Macey is not only a fine doctor, he has a good sense of humor, vital to making the patient feel comfortable. I highly recommend him to anyone needing his service. Everything he told me came true and I followed his advice to the letter, as it is so necessary to have all my limbs in good working order. Thank you Dr. Macey for getting me back to my normal way of life." -- Mike G.

Treated by: Theodore I. Macey, M.D.

"I recently had a Hip replacement and here I am at six weeks and my life is back to normal... I can recommend Dr Tenholder, and I do to everyone who will listen, he is most attentive. He listens to all questions and makes me feel important as a patient. His staff is exceptional, the treatment I received was first-class all the way. I was impressed with Fort Walton Beach Medical Center: I was only there three days but the treatment I received at a difficult time was the best. Thank you to Dr. Tenholder and your team, I really appreciate your kind care and consideration, but must add that thank goodness—I only have two hips!!" -- Anne M. 

Treated by: Mark J. Tenholder, M.D.

"Dr. Landry is a caring doctor, who took the time to listen to my concerns. He went over the various treatment options and was knowledgeable about my condition. I have been considering surgery, and he patiently explained everything to expect if I decided to go that route. He didn't push surgery on me and encouraged me to explore other treatment options, including physical therapy. I feel that I would be in capable hands if the surgery is needed. I would recommend Dr. Landry to any of my friends or family who need orthopedic care in the future." -- Traci H. 

Treated by: Dale T. Landry, Jr., M.D.

"I presented myself to the Ft. Walton Beach emergency room with a crushed ankle and fractured leg. Met Thomas Fusco, D.P.M., there,. I asked questions, he answered them all very honestly, he presented himself in such a manner that I knew, he knew what he was doing and would do a great job of putting my ankle and leg back together the best he possibly could. And he did! I truly believe he will go far in the profession he has chosen." -- Christene J. 

Treated by: Thomas A. Fusco, D.P.M.

"Dr. Thackeray did a total knee replacement in 12/2004 which restored my mobility 100%, until the next knee started to fail in 2013. He did a total knee again in 12/2015 and clearly restored it 100%. My procedure and recovery has been a "breeze." Other seniors in my community have not had the same results with other non-Orthopaedic Associates providers in our local area." -- Norm H. 

Treated by: Jason W. Thackeray, M.D., F.A.C.S.

"Dr. Watt is awesome. I had a long and drawn out diagnosis and a bad experience at another orthopedic group. From the moment I met Dr. Watt knew it was the right move. Everything went smooth starting with the appointment then to Amanda the scheduler etc. I had a hook of the hamate fracture and a TFC tear and from day one I felt informed and involved. I am now 8 weeks out from surgery and recovering well" – Ralph C.

Treated by: James F. Watt, D.O.

"It's been over three years since I've had both of my knees replaced over a 4 month period by Dr. Thackeray. I have to honestly say that it was absolutely the best decision I've made for myself in my lifetime.  After 20 years of babying my knees and an everyday intake of 3-5 Aleve and quarterly visits to get injections for relief, I pulled the trigger and had full replacements done - one in March and the second one in June. I'm proud to say that I followed every order that the doctor gave me. I started pilates to strengthen my core and knees, stayed fit as could be, and kept my weight down. The results:  I walked into the doctors office on the 14th day (each time) without any walking aid, and on the 18th day, I swam 40 laps in the pool! Since then, I've sky dived, playing tennis again, dropped my handicap in golf by 10 strokes, hiked, rock climbed, skied and can even run with a 10 year old without any pain whatsoever! Now, I don't run to stay in shape but it was actually a real dream of mine to just be able to run, and I'm fairly fast at the age of 62! I have a new life knowing that I have to do things in moderation, but now I can do them! Dr. Thackeray with newspapers in hand was actually at my bedside on the Saturday and Sunday after surgery. I mean, how many doctors work on weekends?! He was encouraging, knowledgeable, and most notably confident in every action he took in those months of re-shaping my life! Thank you and your staff, Dr. Thackeray, for giving me a pain free and a new found future!" - Ron G.

Treated by: Jason W. Thackeray, M.D., F.A.C.S.

"My experience was amazing! Dr. Watt, Ben, and the entire staff had me laughing all the way until I went under; I was probably still laughing in my sleep. They are super friendly and welcoming! I felt as if I had known them forever. I look forward to my next upcoming experience for the other hand in the very near future. Keep doing the great things you do!" - Christy J.

Treated by: James F. Watt, D.O.


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