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At Orthopaedic Associates, we take pride in helping our patients overcome an injury, relieve their pain, and return to an active, healthy lifestyle. Here, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences under our care and their recovery. Read what our patients are saying about their experiences at Orthopaedic Associates.
Average Rating: 5
“I went to Orthopaedic Associates for severe pain in my left shoulder. They diagnosed the problem right away and gave me a shot in the shoulder. The whole staff was so nice, helpful, and I felt so good after leaving their office. Dr. Tenholder and his P.A. were very professional and so down to earth. It was a great experience, considering the circumstances, and I would highly recommend Orthopaedic Associates to anyone!” – Karen R.

Treated by: Mark J. Tenholder, M.D.

“In 1992, I fell 16 feet off a ladder in my home. I was trying to do a very foolish thing. I was attempting to put solar film on some high windows of my vaulted ceiling. It was not the fault of the ladder. As a result of my fall, I broke my back and shattered my ankle. Dr. Macey had already done a rotator cuff repair on me the year before. When asked in the ER who was my orthopedic doctor, I named Dr. Macey. When it came time for my ankle repair, he worked on my ankle for many hours. Between my back and ankle, I was in surgery ten and a half hours. The ankle was in 23 pieces. To this day, he still remembers me and says that this was the worse break he has ever had to fix. Now many years later, I am 73 years old and have full use of my leg and ankle. It is amazing and I feel I owe it all to Dr. Macey.” – Patricia M.

Treated by: Theodore I. Macey, M.D.

“Wore out the left hip doing things I enjoyed every day. It began to hurt and the enjoyment just couldn't make it go away. After a visit or two with Dr. Tenholder, it was decided the hip needed to be replaced so I could wear out a new one. He and his wonderful team replaced it October 22, 2013 at Sacred Heart. I think I enjoyed that as much as I could. About November 1st or so, I walked a mile, before the end of the month, two miles, and before new years day, four. Now, those walks and progressively increasing them was a lot more than enjoyable. Today, I have some mild discomfort, but continue walking from two to four miles daily like a mailman - in all kinds of weather.” – Bob S.

Treated by: Mark J. Tenholder, M.D.


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