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"I'm an OR nurse and a crafter. Both activities involve repetitive motion and handling heavy equipment. I have developed tendinitis in both wrists. Dr. Watt saw me struggling to open a sterile item in the OR one day and told me I should get it treated to avoid more damage. Several weeks later, the base of my right thumb swelled up and was exquisitely tender. I called Dr. Watt's office in Destin and was promptly given an appointment. 

The office staff was very welcoming. I was seen promptly. Dr. Watt was his usual affable self which made the process of injecting my wrist much more pleasant. I expected a much more painful injection and aftermath. I was pleasantly surprised  when my wrist was totally pain-free and more mobile immediately after the injection and it still is. Given my the activities of my job and my jewelry making, I'm sure my wrist will act up again. When it does I will have no qualms in having Dr. Watt inject it again." – Christine R.  

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James F. Watt, D.O.
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