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At Orthopaedic Associates, we take pride in helping our patients overcome an injury, relieve their pain, and return to an active, healthy lifestyle. Here, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences under our care and their recovery.

Read what our patients are saying about their experiences at Orthopaedic Associates.

Average Rating: 4.85
“Love Dr. Watt! I'd been suffering for several months with pain in my upper arm. Went to two doctors who did not know what was wrong. Then went to Dr. Watt. He made the diagnosis within minutes, gave me a shot in the shoulder, and sent me to PT. As a result, I have absolutely no more pain. Yay!” – Brenda P.

Treated by: James F. Watt, D.O.

“Professional but warm, efficient yet caring and the surgery was a 100% positive event.” – Gail I.

Treated by: James F. Watt, D.O.

“The staff is very courteous. I had a great experience with my knee surgery and the aftercare.” – Monica M.

Treated by: Theodore I. Macey, M.D.

“Dr. Landry is by far the best doctor I have seen for my back issues. His demeanor is genuine. He cares about his patients and wants to do what's best for them even if it doesn't mean a surgical fix. In my situation Dr. Landry came up with a plan of action/various therapies and options to try before discussing a surgical fix. Dr. Landry's staff has also been instrumental in all my visits. Everyone has gone above & beyond to help me feel welcome and comfortable in the office as well as helping to get my upcoming surgery approved with the insurance company. I can't say enough how appreciative I am to everyone! I would highly recommend Dr. Landry and Ortho Associates for anyone requiring care!” – Matthew M.

Treated by: Dale T. Landry, Jr., M.D.

“Great!  Practice was able to schedule me on short notice for two visits.  This was important since I was on vacation and needed to have finger checked.  Another surgeon in Ohio did original surgery, but it was good have access to a local doctor who as I said saw me twice and gave me references if follow was needed when I got home.  A  side note, it was good to see a Buckeye rather than one of those Gator doctors that always clapping their hands acting like a gator. (just kidding, I thinks). Please pass on to Dr. Watt finger is doing well.” – Jerry M.

Treated by: James F. Watt, D.O.

“Very knowledgeable, concerned and related possible conditions that would cause the pain of injury . His explanation were very complete and understandable to a lay person. I would recommend him very highly !!  Thank you Dr Shawbitz .  ” – John S.

Treated by: Michael L. Shawbitz, M.D.

“Wonderful experience.  The doctor was great and so was physical therapy.” – Catherine K.

Treated by: Jason W. Thackeray, M.D., F.A.C.S.

“I had ankle surgery.  Dr. Fusco was wonderful. I couldn't have asked for anything better.” – Sarah T.

Treated by: Thomas A. Fusco, D.P.M.

"I have been with Dr. Tenholder for 2 yrs, physical therapy for previous knee replacements, 2 broken bones and 2 surgeries. I will not go to anyone else, he is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and talented in his surgical abilities. This includes his team. I continually recommend him. He is one of the finest doctors I have ever had!" – Robin E.

Treated by: Mark J. Tenholder, M.D.

"Dr. Landry is a very personable, friendly doctor who really cares about his patients.  I saw him for a back problem and he was very thorough in his diagnosis and very conservative in his treatment approach. His entire staff is friendly, efficient and very helpful.  I was extremely pleased with my experience with Dr. Landry." – Dianne H.

Treated by: Dale T. Landry, Jr., M.D.


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