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"I have struggled for years with pain from an injury that never healed properly, and as a result, permanently damaged a ligament, which I did not know until I was referred to Orthopaedic Associates by my general practice doctor. Dr. Fusco took the time to listen, run tests, and discover the problem. Although surgery may be necessary, Dr. Fusco recognized my need to try physical therapy first. I appreciated the time he took to really listen with empathy and take me seriously, to understand my fear of surgery, and to help me address the issue in other ways. The techs and assistants were all very pleasant and friendly. I did not feel like a faceless number or file. My experience was very positive. If or when I finally do have to have the surgery, I will want Dr. Fusco to do it." – Sharon T.  

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Thomas A. Fusco, D.P.M.
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