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"I had been experiencing severe lower back and right leg pain. I was referred to a doctor by the emergency room I went to for the pain. After two visits to that doctor, I was talked to by his nurse practitioner and never examined. They said they were going to get into a pain doctor, but it would be more than a month before they could get me scheduled. Since I was still having severe pain I sought a second opinion. Since my wife was under the care of doctors from Orthopaedic Associates, she called to see if they had a doctor that treated back problems. I was given an appointment the next day with Dr. Landry. He gave me a thorough exam and said I needed surgery. He also arranged for me to get an injection to help with the pain the next day while I was waiting to get scheduled for surgery. 
Dr. Landry has always been sensitive to my family and took the time to fully explain everything following each of the surgical procedures. We have already recommended him to other people we know that has back issues." – Harry T. 

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Dale T. Landry, Jr., M.D.
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