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"After a fall off my bicycle in April of 2014 resulting in a nasty injury to my hip, at seventy years of age there was no relief from the pain from my injury. Pain and poor night sleep resulted in a ruined life. Came across some wise words of wisdom from Elementary school:
                               For every ailment under the sun,
                               There is a remedy, or there is none.
                               If there be one, try to find it.
                               If there be none, never mind it
Mother goose was correct then and still is now.  So needless to say, having already been acquainted with the surgeon's at Orthopedic Associates, it was just admitting to myself  that the time had arrived to have the procedure performed and get my life back.
And just two months later I'm just about back to my normal life, pain-free and wonderful restful nights rest. Thank you to the wonderful staff and Doctor's at Orthopedic Associates." – George V. 


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Mark J. Tenholder, M.D.
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