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"After almost cutting off my thumb, I turned to the only fellowship-trained hand surgeon in the greater Ft. Walton Niceville area. Dr. Watt was awesome. He took the time to fully explain how badly I'd injured my thumb then enthusiasticly explained how he would reattach the ligament and nerves. He and assistant Ben took there time to carefully answer all my questions. Their confidence and patience alleviated all my fears. Dr. Watt was able to rearrange his schedule to get my surgery scheduled within days.  On the day of the surgery Dr. Watt's infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude calmed my fears. Dr Watt's well practiced skills were superb in reattaching my thumb. His interaction and involvement with my hand therapist (Tanya Phillips) was instrumental in my full recovery. Take it from me "you are in good hands" with Dr. Watt and his team if you need hand surgery. Thanks to Dr. Watt, Ben, and Tanya for helping me make a full recovery." – William K.  

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James F. Watt, D.O.
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