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"I am a local orthodontist, and I had a rotator cuff problem with my right shoulder. Dr Marshall explained the corrective surgery, noting significant recovery time and limited movement of the right arm. Due to my occupation and being right handed dentist, I was hesitant about undergoing the procedure. However, due to the significant pain related to the rotator cuff problem, I was left without a nonsurgical option.

Dr. Marshall and his staff were amazing to make every effort to minimize my post surgical disability. The arm sling was perfect to allow me to see patients during rehab, the pain management was excellent, and the OA physical therapy group was excellant, as well, allowing me to be seen before and after my work hours and extremely knowledgable and professional. The botton line is, I had my surgery on Friday and was back to work on the following Tuesday,
which is apparently unheard of.

Thank you Dr. Marshall and all the Orthopaedic Associates staff for an AMAZING experience." – Billy N.

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William R. Marshall, M.D.
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