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"I have been a patient of Dr. Macey's for more than twenty years. I am a retired nurse and I saw first hand how his patient's recovered from their surgery. He is a dedicated and brilliant orthopaedic surgeon. After a dancing accident I required prosthetic knees. Titanium was not really used at that time and those prostheses lasted thirteen years before I required a revision of my left knee in March of 2004 and then my right knee revision in October of that same year. Dr. Macey did a wonderful job. I never missed a days work as a nurse on my feet for more than eight hours at a time. And then again in January of 2006 I fell and required my left knee to be revised again.
He is the reason I am still up and walking at age 77yrs. I could go on and on with the kudos's for this amazing man and his PA Scott and office staff but I would truly run out of space!
I would trust him with my say the least!" – Cindy P.

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Theodore I. Macey, M.D.
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