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"I had a full knee replacement on May 27. I am 67, and have had severe knee pain in both knees for a couple years, due to lots of running. The operation went without a hitch, and I was out of the hospital in two days. After two weeks of in-home therapy, I did multiple weeks of physical therapy at Orthopaedic Associates located in Destin.  Therapist Matt Leary was just excellent. After one week at home, I was walking with just a cane and no walker. By the end of two weeks, I was walking pretty much with no assistance. I won't kid anyone, and say there was no pain involved because there was. But, it was managed well by the doctors, so it was not a huge deal. Just don't let the pain get ahead of you. Take the pain pills as directed. Also, the stronger you can get your knee, hip, shoulder, etc., prior to surgery, I think the faster your recovery will be. That appeared to be the case with me. All the people at Orthopaedic Associates and at Sacred Heart Hospital were great. I could not have been treated better.

I will probably have Dr. Tenholder and his team, do my right knee prior to the end of the year. Not something I am looking forward to, but at least I know the drill now, and will not be so nervous this time around. Thanks again to Dr. Tenholder and his team, including the office staff." -- Toby O.

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Mark J. Tenholder, M.D.
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