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"I suffered severely with knee pain each time I took a step. I was advised to have knee replacements. With the doctor’s advice, I decided to have the surgery on the left knee first, as it was causing the most pain. I had full confidence in Dr. Tenholder, and he scheduled the surgery. The surgery went well. About 2 weeks later, I fell, tearing the surgery loose, and the doctor had to replace it. Even with those complications, it healed perfectly. After the therapy, there has been no pain in that knee. Two years later, it was time to have the second knee replaced. It was successful, and after therapy, there has been no pain in that knee. I tell everyone that has knee pain to see Dr. Tenholder, that I think he is a wonderful surgeon, and a kind and considerate person. Having two knee replacements is the best thing that has happened to me. To once again be able to walk without pain is a miracle. Thank you, Dr. Tenholder.” -- Marilyn Y.

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Mark J. Tenholder, M.D.
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