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"I was treated first by Dr. Marshall. I have rheumatoid arthritis and he gave me injections in both knees and a knee scope in my right knee. He did everything possible to help my pain for probably close to 2 years. When it looked like knee replacements were my only option, he turned me over to Dr. Tenholder. In March and August of last year, Dr. Tenholder replaced both knees. My results have been wonderful. I went to therapy both times and got rave reviews. I cannot say enough good things about both of them. I have recommended Dr. Tenholder to many people and all have shared my opinion. Dr. Watts performed surgery on March 4th on my right hand, but I don't see him again till the 17th to get my bandages off. I have every reason to believe it was a success also." -- Glenda C.

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William R. Marshall, M.D.
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