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"Last November, while decorating my Christmas tree at our home in Ohio, I slipped off the couch arm I was foolishly perched on and suffered a severe spiral fracture of my left upper arm. Even worse, I incurred damage to my radial nerve, resulting in no function in my left hand or fingers. I spent three days in the hospital after having my fracture set and traveled to the Emerald Coast in mid-January for our annual four-month stay here. My orthopedic surgeon in Ohio was against my going to physical therapy, insisting that I'd be fine in time.  Not only was I not getting better, by the time we arrived here, I was much worse! My hand and arm were grotesquely swollen and my elbow, shoulder, wrist, and fingers were stiffening up so bad, they could barely be moved. I knew I needed better care and on a local friend's recommendation, made an appointment with Dr. James Watt a few days after our arrival. He immediately took charge of my care and together with Orthopaedic Associate rehabilitation therapist, Matt Leary, has made a dramatic improvement in my recovery. Dr. Watt laid out a clear course of treatment and ordered nerve tests to determine precisely what was wrong with my radial nerve. Dr. Watt has been attentive and extremely professional and reassuring. Matt Leary has been absolutely wonderful with my physical therapy! I highly recommend them both!" -- Michele S.

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James F. Watt, D.O.
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