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"In 1992, I fell 16 feet off a ladder in my home. I was trying to do a very foolish thing. I was attempting to put solar film on some high windows of my vaulted ceiling. It was not the fault of the ladder. As a result of my fall, I broke my back and shattered my ankle. Dr. Macey had already done a rotator cuff repair on me the year before. When asked in the ER who was my orthopedic doctor, I named Dr. Macey. When it came time for my ankle repair, he worked on my ankle for many hours. Between my back and ankle, I was in surgery ten and a half hours. The ankle was in 23 pieces. To this day, he still remembers me and says that this was the worse break he has ever had to fix. Now many years later, I am 73 years old and have full use of my leg and ankle. It is amazing and I feel I owe it all to Dr. Macey." -- Patricia E.

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Theodore I. Macey, M.D.
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